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07/15/14 11:24 AM #11    

Brenda Wert (Vernon)

Attached to message above: the rate for these rooms are $159.00 per night. Thanks

07/16/14 01:17 AM #12    

Lisa Harrington (Freeland)

Since I am just now reading this, I will call you tomorrow morning!  Thank you very much!

07/16/14 08:18 PM #13    

Brenda Wert (Vernon)

Lisa, good for you all is secure and reserved. Cheers Brenda 

08/06/14 10:01 PM #14    

Judy Brown

Hi Jay Helferd,

Just saw that you are coming to reunion. How exciting. It's been way too...long. Cant wait to see you!

08/06/14 10:03 PM #15    

Judy Brown

Hi Larry Parvis,

Are you still in White Oak?  We haven't crossed paths in a while. Look forward to seeing you!

08/07/14 07:58 PM #16    

Kathy Cuffage (Potter)

If anyone is flying into National Airport on Saturday a.m. and needs a ride to Baltimore, we can pick you up from the airport and take you with us. We plan to leave for Baltimore sometime around mid-morning, but not crazy early, to spend some time in Baltimore before the big event. We can take two people comfortably, and three with the middle seat. 

We plan to stay for the Sunday a.m. breakfast, so if anyone needs a ride back to National Airport, same scenario.

08/07/14 09:12 PM #17    


Sandra Otto

I can't believe I am so near and yet so far--in Charlottesville, VA for a month of leadership training but we're working the whole weekend, no exceptions! Anyone want to visit me down here NEXT weekend??!! So sad to miss connecting with my old gang, Cindy and Jaye!

08/08/14 02:05 PM #18    


Bill McGunigal

Greetings Fellow Alumni,

I hope this finds everyone happy, healthy and well.  We were so looking forward to this weekend, but sadly, we cannot attend.

Have a great time and take lots of pics.  Enjoy yourselves immensely but please don't play any bad music!

Peace and very best regards to all,

Billy McGunigal

08/12/14 03:15 PM #19    

Karen Quigley

The reunion was wonderful.  Sure would have liked to have seen you.  We are having a 5 year reunion.  Hope you can come to that. You look rad on those drums.  Your friend, Karen Quigley

02/16/15 02:52 PM #20    

Brenda Wert (Vernon)

Helen B. (Mimi) Wiseman 96 died January 13, 2015. Mrs. Wiseman was the cosmetology teacher at Crossland High School from 1966 to 1979.Mrs. Wiseman died from complications of pneumonia.

04/15/15 09:28 PM #21    

Brenda Wert (Vernon)

Happy Spring!

Wanted everyone to know that we are planning a summer picnic and get together on July 18, 2015. I will be posting a flyer with the details next week so mark your calendar and save the date! 


04/16/15 11:53 AM #22    

Jeanette Taylor (Moreland)

Looking forward to the summer picnic!  Can't Wait!!!!!


04/16/15 01:24 PM #23    


Gayle Todsen (Reuter)

Will be sorry to miss it - scheduled to be in St. Louis that weekend so be sure and take lots of pictures.

04/20/15 07:41 PM #24    


Colin Scoggins

I will be in Cape Cod that week will be unable to attend.  I also wanted pass on that ex-wife Nancy Lynn Davis passed away on April 8th.  She would have graduated CHS in 74, but had moved on base at Andrews AFB, and went to Surratsville, but was then bussed to Central.  She quit Central and ended up graduating night school at CHS in 1973.  She had remarried Charles Taylor and had found out she had a rare form of breast cancer at the end of February where she had found out it had spread to her spine.  It was brief but painful for her and our children.  She lived in Callao, VA.  We had stayed friends even after the divorce.  Sorry to see her pass at age 59.  

04/21/15 06:01 PM #25    

Brenda Wert (Vernon)

So sorry Colin to hear about Nancy, Im sure her passing was not easy for you and your children. Our Condolences to you and your family. Blessings of comfort and peace to you all.

The picnic in July came about since a few of us gal's decided to get together every year { since we're not getting any younger}. We decided to invite everyone for the Saturday picnic get together and perhaps we will continue to host this every year. Sorry you won't be able to join us this time around.


04/21/15 06:03 PM #26    

Brenda Wert (Vernon)

Hi Gayle, Sorry you can't make the get together in July but I'll be sure to post pictures!

04/23/15 07:38 AM #27    

Cindy Ahern (Isabelle)

Sorry to miss the picnic, but it's more than just a "hop, skip and a jump away" from Vermont! Will look forward to pictures!

Colin, I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your ex wife. Thinking of you and your family.


04/24/15 11:30 AM #28    

Jeanette Taylor (Moreland)

Cindy - maybe you should host a picnic next year and let us come to you.  lol...     Picnic in Vermont sounds wonderful....notsaglic...romantic... haha

It was great seeing you at the renuion and catching up at the breakfast on Sunday!




04/24/15 11:34 AM #29    

Jeanette Taylor (Moreland)



I meant Nostalgic -      yes, I skipped some school, but I did learn to spell along the way!

05/15/15 06:32 PM #30    

Brenda Wert (Vernon)

If you did not see the email sent or the announcement at the bottom of the home page. Please contribute to support our website and future reunions. Pay Pal or send check on the donation button located on the right side of the home page. Thanks to you all in advance.

07/21/15 08:03 PM #31    

Brenda Wert (Vernon)

Thanks to everyone who came to the Crabs Brew and BBQ on Saturday the 18th of July. Yes it was hot but we all had a great time. Thank you Cathy Jordan Hinton for opening up your home to the 28 people who came to eat crabs and Sean wonderful ribs. Thank you Annette for cooking the amazing Crabs. Always a great time spending time with old friends. Enjoy what's left of the summer!

07/22/15 12:06 PM #32    


Gayle Todsen (Reuter)

Sorry to have missed the cookout but sounds like a great turnout.  Looking forward to seeing pictures and hopefully will be able to make the next get together.  Wanted to let Brenda know that I finally went on line to contribute to help cover website costs etc.  Hopefully lots of others have also gone on line or mailed Brenda a check since it's not fair for one person to be stuck with all the costs. Thanks Brenda for keeping us all in touch.

07/24/15 03:40 PM #33    

Susan Valenta (Stockwell)

Hey CHS classmates,

Sorry to miss the Crab feast, I'm sure it was fun.  But because we were able to connect at the 40th reunion, Sandra Edwards Jost, Terry Glover, myself and our spouses met up for dinner in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  Terry and his wife (who live in Little Rock) were kind enough to drive out and meet us while we were vacationing near the Springs.  We had a great visit. Thanks again to Brenda and everyone for helping us stay connected!

Susan Valenta Stockwell

07/28/15 10:12 PM #34    

Marco Dinapoli

A big thanks to Brenda, Cathy, and everyone involved with the July 18 cookout, crab feast and get-together. It was good to see everyone again.  Looking forward to next time whenever and wherever.  If you like Led Zeppelin, you'll like Led Zeppelin 2 (a pretty good tribute band) performing at the Fillmore in Silver Spring Friday night August 14. There is nearby free parking, and it's only a couple blocks from the Silver Spring Metro red line.  I'll be there...and hope to see you there too!  Ciao for now, Mark DiNapoli


08/24/16 07:30 AM #35    

Sherrill "Jaye" Helferd

Brenda - Thank you so much for letting us know about John.  You are amazing for keeping in contact with so many of us.  I will not be able to make it to visiting hours, though will be praying.  Jaye

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