This, That and the Other

July 26, 2019

"Those Were The Day's My Friend"

Looking forward to seeing everyone in September 2019. 

Thinking about the carefree times, the good times we had with good friends.

Walking down memory lane : Regina's Pizza , Bayou, Gus N John's, Clancy's, Burger Chef, Hot Shoppes, Marshall Hall, Alexandria Roller Rink, Gena's Crab House, Whites Market, Marlow Heights, Flieshman's Village, Fort Washington, Demorlands Ice Cream and buying a bunker of beer.

"A Happy Memory Never Wears Out "

Hope to see you all at the 45th !

Thanks to those who sent donations for our class website and domain access .


May 11, 2015.


Reminder for everyone to reserve July 18, 2015. Crab's Brew and BBQ. Picnic to be held at Cathy Jordan Hintons house in Bowie, Maryland. This is a funderaiser for the class of 1974 and the cost is $30.00 per person. RSVP. You can Pay with Pay Pay or send check to 30th Reunion c/o Brenda Vernon 20250 Tidewinds Way Germantown, Maryland. 20874... For more info call Brenda 301.655.5434 or Cathy 301.741.3070



February 5, 2015

Welcome to the new forum for the latest additions about News and postings for the Class of 1974.

The reunion in 2014 was an excellent venue in the Baltimore Inner Harbor, everyone seemed to have a wonderful time catching up with folks. Location, location, location......

Survey results for future reunions filled out by 52 classmates......

100 percent hands down that the next reunion will be held in five years. 2019

Dinner Dance- majority - yes.

Picnic - favorable

Cost of ticket price -$75 - $120.00

Would you be willing to stay at a Holiday Inn (lower cost hotel)?  Yes

Would you come if the reunion was held in a club house instead of a high end hotel? Yes

Dancing: Many asked for more dancing.

Question 6: Our web-site cost us approximately. $100.00 a year, would you be open to making a small donation to help defer the cost? For those who said yes, please make your check out to (The 30th Reunion) send to Brenda Wert Vernon 20250 Tidewinds Way, Germantown Maryland. 20874.


The committee takes many things into consideration while planning our event, several people have suggested having our reunions in Vegas, Ocean City or taking a Cruise. Frankly not everyone would be able to attend this type of a reunion. It is not affordable or timely for most of our classmates.

The location needs to be close to an airport for the convenience of our out of town and local guest. Our choices are Alexandria, Baltimore and Washington. (Listed least expensive to most expensive) Easy access from airports, metro rail and train stations leads to quick trips into Old Town, Inner Harbor and D.C. Annapolis and the Chesapeake Beach areas have been considered in the past however those coming in from other cities would have to rent a car. We do our best to keep the reunions as affordable as possible for all.

Many people stated that they would love a return visit to Baltimore Inner Harbor in 2019.

I would like to suggest a three day weekend, including a meet and greet night followed by a casino day into a night of dancing. Picnic and farewell.

We are always looking for missing classmates, please keep in mind to invite anyone from our class to join this web-site.

The Celebration Of Life for Beverly B. Williams has been delayed to the spring or fall of 2015. Classmates who signed our book to attend will be notified when information is made available.

Share your thoughts, concerns and comments in the message forum.  Chit Chat.............

Happy Valentines Day To You All!

Stand and Cheer Cavaliers!


Brenda Wert Vernon



Hello Everyone,                                                                                                           October 12, 2014

Wanted to let you all know that I sent a gift box on behalf of the Class of 1974 and John's poker group. The basket was filled with mini games, card's, dice and a poker tee shirt. We wrote poker quotes on the clay chips placed all over the basket. John has always enjoyed playing golf and now shares the love of the game with his son's. in in the box was also a statue of a golfer who I named Mulligan. Attached was a sign that said "It's Not About Your Game, It's About Second Chances". Meet Mulligan !  

I will post pictures of the basket and Mulligan on FB. Look on my Timeline. Posted pictures also under my profile on this site.

We are so happy that John is at home recovering and doing well. I admire his courage and strength.

Cheers to you John. 

John sent an e-mail yesterday that he asked for me to share with you all!

Hi Brenda,

Been home for a couple of weeks now. Learning how to eat/drink and speak with my new voice box. Weight is a steady 161! Yesterday, I was finally able to eat/drink something besides my cans. Will not be able to return to work (new job) for at least two-three more weeks. Not sure how that is going to work? Really do appreciate the gifts, cards and e-mails!! Facebook and all messages were out of control. Fighting thru this is the only choice I have, Very fortunate to have the love and support of family and friends!!! I don't know where I would be without my wife Debby! I truly feel like we have beaten cancer for the second time!!