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01/13/14 05:27 PM #1    

Brenda Wert (Vernon)

Hello and Happy New Year ,

Please check your e-mail addresses for classmates you may know how to contact, on the home page at the very bottom (right hand side) is an invite button. It will automatically send an invite to that person and direct them to this site. We have found many people however with your help we hope to find more classmates before August. In addition this message forum can be used for any questions or chit-chat about our reunion and planning. Hope to see you all in August 2014.

Brenda Wert Vernon

06/01/14 08:54 PM #2    

Libby Smart

ok folks..time is passing quicker every day so hurry before you start your vacations and get your reunions tickets NOW....I know we are all very busy but please dont miss out on this, just think about that we have already lost quite a few of our classmates and if you dont make this reunion the next will be 50 and I shudder to think about what could hurry, run dont walk and register for this super fun weekend. see yall soon.


07/07/14 09:48 AM #3    

Cathy Jordan (Hinton)


 If each signed-up individual could reach out to at least one more person or could find just one missing person, we could have a really awesome turnout!! There are sooo many missing persons and since the women change their last names, it has been very difficult to find them. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!!!


07/09/14 11:18 AM #4    


Gayle Todsen (Reuter)

Checking if anyone has a reservation at our host hotel, Pier 5 that they will not be using.  I tried last week and the block is sold out and there are no reservations available.  Or if any one has any recommendations for any other hotels close to our reunion site.  Thanks.  Looking forward to seeing everyone.

Gayle Todsen Reuter

07/10/14 08:16 PM #5    

Brenda Wert (Vernon)

The hotel opened up three more rooms today for Friday and Saturday night and the block will close tommarrow July 11, 2014. The deadline for credit card payments is also Friday July 11, 2014. You can still send your payment by check made out to 30th reunion Committee.. send to Brenda Vernon 20250 Tidewinds Way Germantown, Maryland. 20874   If you have any questions please call me at 301-655-5434


We do realize it is the 40th reunion however we did not want to change the Bank paperwork so please make check payment to 30th Reunion Committee. Thank you all and see you in August.........


07/12/14 10:30 AM #6    

Cindy Ahern (Isabelle)

Hi Gayle,

I'm sharing a room with Toney Andruzzi. We both accidently made reservations for Friday night. I'm cancelling my reservation right now if you want to jump on it! But it's only for Friday. Good luck!

Cindy Ahern Isabelle

07/14/14 12:57 AM #7    

Lisa Harrington (Freeland)

Hi, let me know if you do, Gayle, because we were only able to get a room for Saturday!  So if you don't need it, I would happily take it!  See everyone soon! Thanks

07/14/14 12:22 PM #8    


Gayle Todsen (Reuter)

Hi Lisa - I was able to get reservations for both Friday and Saturday when Brenda posted & got the hotel release a few more rooms so do not need Cindy's reservation.  Good luck.

07/14/14 08:09 PM #9    

Brenda Wert (Vernon)

To our group : I have called the hotel about the possibility of releasing a few more rooms. They already released three the other day so I'm not sure it will happen. Let you all know tommarrow. Brenda

07/15/14 11:09 AM #10    

Brenda Wert (Vernon)

This is your Hotel Specialist  Brenda the hotel is now full. I have a couple of rooms OPEN for Friday and Saturday night. You will need to call me to guarantee the reservation. 301-655-5434 I have reserved them on my credit card and will give you the confirmation number to change over to your name. Please do NOT DELAY!

07/15/14 11:24 AM #11    

Brenda Wert (Vernon)

Attached to message above: the rate for these rooms are $159.00 per night. Thanks

07/16/14 01:17 AM #12    

Lisa Harrington (Freeland)

Since I am just now reading this, I will call you tomorrow morning!  Thank you very much!

07/16/14 08:18 PM #13    

Brenda Wert (Vernon)

Lisa, good for you all is secure and reserved. Cheers Brenda 

08/06/14 10:01 PM #14    

Judy Brown

Hi Jay Helferd,

Just saw that you are coming to reunion. How exciting. It's been way too...long. Cant wait to see you!

08/06/14 10:03 PM #15    

Judy Brown

Hi Larry Parvis,

Are you still in White Oak?  We haven't crossed paths in a while. Look forward to seeing you!

08/07/14 07:58 PM #16    

Kathy Cuffage (Potter)

If anyone is flying into National Airport on Saturday a.m. and needs a ride to Baltimore, we can pick you up from the airport and take you with us. We plan to leave for Baltimore sometime around mid-morning, but not crazy early, to spend some time in Baltimore before the big event. We can take two people comfortably, and three with the middle seat. 

We plan to stay for the Sunday a.m. breakfast, so if anyone needs a ride back to National Airport, same scenario.

08/07/14 09:12 PM #17    


Sandra Otto

I can't believe I am so near and yet so far--in Charlottesville, VA for a month of leadership training but we're working the whole weekend, no exceptions! Anyone want to visit me down here NEXT weekend??!! So sad to miss connecting with my old gang, Cindy and Jaye!

08/08/14 02:05 PM #18    


Bill McGunigal

Greetings Fellow Alumni,

I hope this finds everyone happy, healthy and well.  We were so looking forward to this weekend, but sadly, we cannot attend.

Have a great time and take lots of pics.  Enjoy yourselves immensely but please don't play any bad music!

Peace and very best regards to all,

Billy McGunigal

08/12/14 03:15 PM #19    

Karen Quigley

The reunion was wonderful.  Sure would have liked to have seen you.  We are having a 5 year reunion.  Hope you can come to that. You look rad on those drums.  Your friend, Karen Quigley

02/16/15 02:52 PM #20    

Brenda Wert (Vernon)

Helen B. (Mimi) Wiseman 96 died January 13, 2015. Mrs. Wiseman was the cosmetology teacher at Crossland High School from 1966 to 1979.Mrs. Wiseman died from complications of pneumonia.

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